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JEEP provides access to Jewish education and living for seniors in non-Jewish nursing homes, isolated at home or seriously ill. 

We help seniors discover the world of Jewish learning while gaining tools to battle depression, loneliness and boredom.
JEEP  currently offers a class, “The Jewish Hour,” at Evergreen and Norwood Retirement Communities twice monthly. Other classes are currently forming, some on the phone and others in person. We regularly visit seniors at: Arden Court, East Galbraith, Amber Park, Seasons, Sunrise: Kenwood and Finneytown, Meadowbrook, Kenwood Terrace, Evergreen/ Wellsprings, Norwood and many other facilities.

Five Minutes a Day for Every Bubby and Zaidy is our volunteer visitation program.
We match volunteers of all ages with Jewish seniors in non-Jewish nursing homes and other isolated situations.  Our goal is that every senior should receive a daily Jewish visit.
The only Jewish resident in an outlying nursing home calls us each week,
happily sharing news such as how she kissed her mezuzah each day and remembered to thank G-d that she is alive. “When are you coming with my matzo for Passover?”
she may ask or “Will you come and blow the shofar for me again this year?”

An Alzheimer’s patient made a dramatic communication breakthrough when a JEEP Chanukah celebration and hands-on holiday workshop at his nursing home reawakened childhood memories. “My grandfather always lit the menorah in our house…just like this.”

JEEP! Jewish Education for Every Person  JewishEducate.org

The Arthur Schreiber Jewish Education Center
Rabbi Yaakov Karp rabbi@jewisheducate.org 
Rabbi Levi Fuss RabbiFuss@Jewisheducate.org
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